I created this site to help anyone suffering from Mesothelioma, a cancer caused by Asbestos.  Mesothelioma mainly resides in the Chest Cavity crushing the lung, attacking the pericardium, diaphragm and eventually ends your life.


I hope my web site and others that I have linked to, will help you find your pathway through treatments and with the help of other Mesotheliolians, help you find the strength and courage to take up Arms against Mesothelioma.


4th day after operation

Having started my journey of treatments in 2004 I finally underwent Surgery in January 2009, This photo was taken 4 days after Mr John Edwards at Sheffield General Hospital removed my left pleura, diaphragm and pericardium during an 8 – 9 hour operation.


Mesothelioma is a Silent Killer and most people don’t know they have it until it’s too late

Mesothelioma has the least spent where research is concerned and only one Standard Chemotherapy treatment is still available


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I can be reached on jan@jansjourney.co.uk if you want someone to chat to, leave information to help others or require further info for yourself

Please help the MKMRF and by "The DreamWeaver's Choice" a fiction novel that I have wrote for your enjoyment as well as helping this important charity.

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